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Tying up loose ends..

Loose strings are dangerous. Loose strings can cause something that's stable to tip over or loose strings can cause you to slip and fall. Loose strings can also be the reason many people never reach their purpose, and sadly the strings may not even have been loosened by them. Generational curses are often the product of loose strings, our ancestors may have done things that they should've fixed before they died and never did. They gave a child away at birth, had extramarital affairs, engaged in some shady deals and because of the shame of what they did, they died without ever tying up those loose strings. This may not have been a problem if the bloodline stopped with them, but if they have children, the children are often left trying to tie up loose strings. Sadly many may spend a great deal of their life tying up these strings from the past, and waste valuable time they should have spent finding themselves and becoming who God created them to be.........

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