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Forever is a long time!

Can you find forever in your relationship? The word says to build our hopes on things eternal. Our hope should never be in the material or physical things of this world because they all change or fadeaway. You must find eternity in your mate.... fall in love with the part of them that connects with your soul... if you love their pretty eyes, they may get cataracs , their long hair might fall out... they may not be able to satisfy you in the bedroom one day.... so if your love for them is based on anything temporal... your love will one day die... this is the very reason we worship an unseen God and not man... because men die and idols are destroyed but when we worship in spirit and truth, our eternal father will always be there. In the same way, love your spouse for their invisible qualities... that unseen part of them that no sickness or disease could ever rob them of... then and only then will we be able to at least experience a minor example of the unfailing love, that Jesus has for us....

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